Project Number 02: The Shrine of the Five Wounds of Our Lord, Jesus Christ

This Catholic church is the first major project of the firm. Located along the main artery of Las Pinas City, it was commissioned in 1998, during the time when the principal architect was still at university. It started as a friendly challenge, veiled as a joke, to Joseph Javier, which eventually became a very ambitious, serious and massive undertaking, hoisting the community that it is located in into a long term comittment of building the “millennium church”.

The concept for this design is the nautilus, a marine organism with claims to the perfect natural proportions, the golden mean. Requirements from the proponents were dynamism, power and permanence, all divine properties they wish to impart to the structure. Javier chose the nautilus because it “seems” to grow from the earth and engulf, or embrace the spectator, although in frozen motion, implying dynamism and movement.  The sheer size of the structure proposes to posture itself as a counter point landmark and monument to the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Church in the old quarter of the city. This attempts to evoke the vision of permanence as it gives a link from the past to the future, continuing on a legacy of culture bestowed to the city. Finally,  power is symbolized in the triad of colossal shells, representing the divine trinity of father, son and spirit, core dogmas of the Catholic church. Pop colors are intentional to attract the young, sending them the message that their God is not of the obsolete past, but of the present and future.

Amenities include a 2,500 seat main chapel, eucharistic chapel, minor chapel, 500 vault columbarium, 350 seat auditorium and a 25 car basement parking. Materials are EIFS, high performance architectural glass, Italian marble, steel and aluminum. The structural framing is a composite of steel and reinforced concrete.

Last November 2008, Arch. Javier resigned and dis-engaged the firm from the project adn turned-over the work to the construction committee. The project interiors has since then been taken over by Javier’s former professor at the UP, Arch. Lisa V. Santos. It had its successful inaugural and dedication last 12 June 2010. On 2012, it was elevated as a shrine by the Diocese of Parañaque.

The former design team of JDSM includes Michael Coronel (PM), EPDeGracia (STR), DLLagman (ME), RCBautista (EE) and CLMadriaga (SE and FC).

(All design and construction work beyond November 2008 is not attributable to this design firm.)


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