Project Number 20: So Woo Restaurant

Location: Pasay City, Metro Manila, PH

Total Floor Area: 300.00SM

Materials: Rear Coated Glass, Wood Veneer, Tempered Glass, Capiz Shell Lamps, Ceramic Tiles

Scope of Services: Full Interior Architecture  and Engineering Design, Furniture Design, Styling and Construction (through JavierInc)

The space is designed with the following amenities, a Main Dining Hall which accommodates 65 guests, a Multi – Function Area partitioned into 6 private rooms and a Kitchen with customized wall to wall stainless steel counters, preparation areas, and cold and dry storage space. The design is an integration of glass, steel and stone. Interspersed features throughout the restaurant are the name of the restaurant in Hangul, steel slender chopsticks for table center pieces, lighted glass cases with ceramic jars and vase which serves as visual partition and Buk (Korean Drum) inspired ceiling lighting layout.


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