10382230_10204062776517915_797298749313729867_oBeauty is the power to hoist you in a prolonged state of disbelief.

The firm’s projects are all given the attention to have this quality of intelligent reason and response. Built environments are, after all, primarily supposed to work efficiently for the user. But more than that, our design affords the users a memorable and meaningful experience. Ultimately, our design transforms people and paradigms. This transformation comes from the positively disruptive effect of our designed environments, provoking the difficult questions and causing positive transformation. This transformation yields to improvement of lives.


All our projects are treated as artistic creations; working sculptural pieces that should arrest the attention of the spectator and suspend him in a pleasantly disruptive architectural shock and awe. We aim for the total impact of the architectural experience by engaging all the senses, appealing to both reason and emotion.


We follow the philosophies of High Modernism, that of design honesty and integrity. Our design process veers away from trends. Our design process avoids irrational ornamentation. Our design process rejects the fake, the meaningless and the spectacular for the sake of a spectacle. Our design process strictly adheres to the philosophy of authenticity.


We believe that the human being is the centre of design. The designed environment, together with all the designed artefacts, instruments and accessories must empathise with the users and their special requirements. We are advocated of Design Thinking, a process which allows for a participative bottom-to-top approach in design.



3 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. Architecture is a language that speaks life within, thru this, architecture must be experience. Well I just like how you create space as techno-tropical.

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