Project Number 32: E. Enriquez House (757 Main)

This 800 square meter private summer villa at the highest summit of the world famous Boracay Island has a cantilevered pool, lounge decks, two bedroom suites, living room, dining room and kitchen all in an expansive open plan. Designed in the firm’s Techno Filipino Modern style, the project takes off from the bold form of the paraw hull and sail. The paraw is a local marine vessel with a distinct sail form and prominent outriggers, usually in vivid colors or blues, reds, whites and yellows. These vessels ferry tourists that come from the entry port of Caticlan to the in-shore port of Boracay Island. It has become one of the enduring icons of this resort island.

Materials are bare concrete plaster, Philippine wood in charcoal oil stain, Philippine textured glass, PVC window frames, local granite and sand stone. Two smaller 300 square meter Guests’ Villa sit at the shadow of the Master’s Villa with a shared pool, also in the same cantilevered structural configuration as the latter. Engineering consultants are CLMadriaga (SE), ITLegazpi (EE) and NCAlvior (STR).


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